What is machine learning,advantages and disadvantages of machine learning.

machine learning 

Everyone wants to know about machine learning because there is so much room for machine learning in the future So, many of you has a questions like what are the benefits of machine learning and disadvantages of  machine learning to know about machine learning detail information so you are in the right place to get all your answer please read all the article.

What is machine learning,advantages and disadvantages of machine learning.
What is machine learning?


What is machine learning?

In simple language machine learning a kind of artificial intelligence AI that the whole software application is more accurate in predicting results without explicitly planning to do so.

And the machine learning algorithm uses historical data such as predicting and accurate new output values ​​and machine learning focuses on the use of data and algorithm to copy the way people read and gradually increase its machine learning accuracy is an important factor in future scientific data development.

Types of machine learning

There are three types of machine learning that is supervised learning, unsupervised learning, enhanced reading..

What are the advantages and disadvantages of machine learning?

Benefits of machine learning:

1: It easily identify Trends and patterns

2: continuous improvement

3: wide application

4: Contains a variety of and varied details.

5: Best for reading and shopping online

6: low cost of production machine only needs to be maintained

7: scope of development

Disadvantages of machine learning

1 : The first factor is job loss

2 : Health problems

3 : climate change

4 : equipment is expensive to buy care and repair

5 : Time and resources

6 : Interpretation of the result

7 : High error detection


What is machine learning?

Essay on machine learning

Machine learning essay

Machine learning as a course of the next two months is why everyone wants to know about machine learning is a story so we know that machine learning is a branch in Computer Science that every computer has the ability to learn without programming and machine learning is the current use of AI based on the idea that we should just give machines access data and allow them to read for themselves

There are three types of supervised machine-readable tutorials for enhanced reading and there are also many machine learning users such as personal help video video monitoring email for spam communication and malware filters online


The benefits of machine learning are Identifying Trends and Patterns, Continuous Improvement, Extensive Use, Extensive Development, Best for Online Shopping. poor machine learning loss, health problem, high error tendency, climate change.

Machine learning courses in 2021

1 Introduction to coding machine

2 Machine learning -EAX

3 Machine learning crash course

4 In-depth reading

5 Advanced machine learning

6 machine learning with python

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