Unleash the Attitude with Stone Cold Steve Austin's Legendary Beer

Stone Cold Steve Austin is a retired professional wrestler who is known for his love of beer.

In 1997, Austin famously began incorporating beer into his wrestling persona, using it to celebrate his victories and taunt his opponents.

He would often "stun" his opponents, delivering his finishing move, the Stone Cold Stunner, before cracking open a beer and pouring it over their unconscious bodies.

In 1998, Austin began working with the beer brand, Budweiser, and the two became closely associated with each other.

Budweiser created a special beer can design featuring Austin's likeness, and Austin would often be seen drinking Budweiser beer on camera during wrestling events.

In 2015, Austin launched his own brand of beer, called "Broken Skull IPA," in collaboration with the El Segundo Brewing Company.

The name "Broken Skull" refers to Austin's finishing move, the Stone Cold Stunner, which he often described as "dropping someone on their head and rattling their brain."

On beer review websites, the beer has received high ratings from both wrestling fans and beer enthusiasts.