Anne Hathaway's Sizzling Performance as Catwoman: A Feline Feat

Anne Hathaway's portrayal of Catwoman in "The Dark Knight Rises" was a highlight of the film.

Hathaway brought a unique, sexy, and fierce interpretation to the iconic role of Catwoman.

Her performance was praised by fans and critics alike, who lauded her versatility as an actress.

Hathaway's Catwoman was both seductive and cunning, making her a memorable addition to the Batman universe.

Her chemistry with Christian Bale's Batman was palpable, adding depth to the character's storyline.

The actress underwent intense physical training for the role, showcasing her dedication to her craft.

Hathaway's Catwoman also served as a symbol of female empowerment, breaking traditional gender roles in superhero movies.

Her iconic leather suit and signature cat ears have become a fan favorite and inspired numerous cosplay costumes.