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Who is Praful Billore?

Prafull billore is known as an MBA Chaiwala despite of all the efforts he does not show in CAT exam so he decided to leave studies Midway his her get broken because of not get expected score in CAT Exam with a broken heart he finally started selling tea in the street and he lived in Ahmedabad while studying MBA hi work part time in a restaurant

Praful billore biography,age,network,facts
Praful billore biography

Praful billore Wikipedia

Name Prafull Billore
Real shop Name Mr.Billore Ahmedabad chai wala
Date of Birth 14 January 1996
Age in 2022 26 years
Religion Hindu
Nationality Indian
Birth Place Dhar,Indore,Madhya Pradesh,India
Current City Ahemdabad ,Gujrat,India
Educational qualification B. Com

MBA chaiwala was born on 14 January 1994 in the city of Dhar Indore Madhya Pradesh full below has completed his Bcom and now it is famous in Ahmedabad that is MBA chaiwala he has been the business of making tea is net worth is 3 Crore per year

MBA Chai Wala Biography Story

An MBA by reading Praful Billore wanted to do his dream course MBA. For this, Prafulla was engaged in the CAT entrance exam for 3 years but every time he failed. Praful was an honest student, and he used to study for about 8 to 10 hours everyday for his exams. But frustrated by constant failure, Prafulla threw away many of his books, and locked himself inside a room for several days.

Just as he was in a darkness inside the room with the doors closed, in the same way his life was lying in a darkness outside the door, he did not understand what to do now.

After this Prafulla thought of doing something in different cities of India like Mumbai Bangalore Chennai etc. and started looking for something new. Meanwhile, Prafulla spent about 17 days at his friend’s place in Bangalore. And after that he realized that in this way the whole life would be spent in roaming. After some time he wondered how long he would keep wandering like this. Now Prafulla thought that to stay alive he would have to do something of his own.

McDonald’s as a delivery boy

After this, he started working at McDonald’s in Ahmedabad itself as a delivery boy for Rs 37 per hour. Later Praful got promoted in McDonald’s itself and now he had become a waiter. Now his job was to take orders from customers.

And as a waiter, Prafulla was finding himself a much better experience than life in that book because in this kind of job meeting different people all the time every day, testing different ideas. And from this Prafulla started getting to learn a lot.

Even in his frustrated and depressed life, Prafulla was very much attached to his tea. This was the reason why Prafulla used to think about his tea even after being disappointed with so many failures in life.

Why MBA Chaiwala had to open tea stall

Prafulla wanted to start a cafe of his own, but it cost around 15 lakhs and it was impossible for Prafulla.

After this Praful thought that why not make his own tea career, and he opened a small tea-stall of his own. In this way Prafulla told his life that ‘the dream is big but has broken it into small parts’.It took them about 45 days to buy the utensils and everything related to them for their tea stall. But it was the courage of Prafulla who had not made a cup of tea for himself till today, he was going to open a tea stall for others. It is said that Prafulla had taken 20,000 rupees from the family members to buy a tea stall cart saying that he was doing a course. Let us tell you that even before starting this work, all the friends living with Praful were demotivating him. But Prafulla did not look at the friends but them, he saw that the world’s best blacksmith is TATA, and the world’s best cobbler is BATA.

Seeing that both of them are doing the same thing with their brand, Prafulla also decided to set up a tea stall. Now Prafulla (MBA chaiwala) works as a waiter at McDonald’s from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm, then sells tea at his tea stall from 6:30 pm to 12:00 pm.

Left MBA studies after studying only 7 days

Along with the waiter at McDonald’s, Prafulla was running his own tea stall. After this Praful’s family members started pressurizing Praful for admission in MBA college. On this Prafulla took admission in MBA in a private college of the city.But after studying for only 7 days, Prafulla stopped going to college. Because Prafulla did not get admission in the college where he wanted to take his admission. Now Praful wanted to see himself as a businessman and all his focus was on his tea stall. Due to which Prafulla left his ongoing MBA class in the middle of 7 days and came.

The tea that Prafulla had loved since childhood, he made that tea his business. Now Prafulla was in love with tea and in love with tea.

Ups and downs in the business of MBA Chaiwala Praful Billore

No person can be successful in his life without any difficulty. And in the same way, many difficulties came in Prafulla’s life. How will it feel if you start your new business and go without any customer for the first time. A total of ₹ 150 was sold on the first day of Prafulla’s tea stall business. For the first two-three months, his business was full of ups and downs like this. Sometimes ₹ 200 and sometimes ₹ 300 used to be such a sale. Prafulla used to talk in English from the window of the people sitting in the AC car and ask them to take a test of his tea. It was strange to hear people, that a chaiwala is talking to them in English. And people were curious to know about Praful’s story of selling his tea. Similarly, gradually everyone came to know that a boy selling tea speaks English. People eagerly reached there to hear his story. And in the same way, gradually Praful’s tea stall became a topic of discussion in the whole city.

Praful Biloure’s business was now increasing continuously, now in 1 day there was a sale of up to ₹ 1000 ₹ 1200 ₹ 1500 ₹ 2000.

As the tea balance of this young businessman grew, Praful was now completely devoted to his tea stall and quit his job as a waiter.

Nearby tea people were jealous

Due to the success of Prafulla, the neighboring tea shop was jealous, due to which all the tea people together closed Praful’s tea shop, after this Praful talked to a doctor and set up his tea shop in front of his hospital. Prafulla reopened his shop after 2 months by paying ₹ 10000 rent.

shop name

After opening the shop in front of the hospital, Prafulla had not named his tea shop yet, but needed a name for his brand. After much thought, suggest him a name for your shop. He named his shop MR Bilour Chai Wala. Whose short name was MBA Chai Wala.

prafulla billoure income

After knowing so much about Praful Billaur, a question must have come in your mind that what is Praful’s income. According to your information, the business turnover of MBA Chai Wale alias Praful is between 2.5 to 3 crores.

Let us tell you that Prafulla, who started business with only eight thousand rupees, is running a business of crores today. Today the branch of MBA Chai Wala is visible in many cities of the country. And thus their income is also increasing continuously.

Three success mantras

Apart from having a successful start up model, MBA Chaiwala i.e. Praful billoreis also a motivational speaker. His thoughts also inspire people to think and do something new in life.

In one of his interviews, Prafulla has also told three guru mantras for success in life. According to me, these three points of his are very special, we all should see it in life.

1 : Life is yours, you have to make it successful, the neighbor will not sit with its contract. Neither the neighbor has any difference with him, so don’t work to impress or depress people, be a selfie and work for yourself.
2 : You can fool the world but for how long will you fool yourself?
3 : Instead of being result oriented, be process oriented and success takes a lot of time.
4 : You can get success in 2 months, but it can return, so if you work hard, you can start it again after years of work.

Praful billore(MBA chaiwala) physical appearance

Height 5 feet 10 inches
weight (approx) 63
Eye colour Black
Hair colour Black
skin colour Glow

MBA chaiwala(praful billore) facts:

1:MB Chawla was live at Ahmedabad

2:Praful billore was 25 years old

3: MBA chaiwala full form is Mr billore Ahmedabad

4: praful billore  was not married he is a single

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