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Who is Ben Alldis ?

Ben Alldis is a Peloton educator who shows cycling and strength classes on the wellness application.


Ben is one of their seven power zone instructors, calling upon his experience as a former track and field athlete to educate and guide the Peloton community during their workouts.

Alldis began his expert profession in the world of finance in London before he was explored by Peloton and selected to show cycling classes at the wellness organization.


Ben Aldisven Biography

Full NameBen Alldis
Age29 years
Previous ProfessionFinance
Current ProfessionalPeloton
Marital statusMarried
EducationUniversity of Leeds, ESSCA Ecole de management, and The Skinners School
Social mediaInstagram, Facebook & Twitter
Date of birth:22 January 1993
Place of birth: England
Partner:Leanne Hainsby
Instagram: @benjaminalldis


Early Life, Parents 

Ben was brought into the world in Britain and raised by his folks close by three kin. Ben was the second most youthful individual from the family.

Suitably, Alldis began to figure out how to ride a bicycle when he was only two without the assistance from any guardians. His mum Alison uncovered in her meeting with Motivations To Be Happy:“Remembering the joy of cycling, I made it my mission to teach them all to ride as soon as possible. He kept on showing a strong fascination with sport since early on and Ben delighted in being outside playing in the games field whenever he got the open door.

Alldis was a versatile athlete in his teenage years and he participated in football, rugby, cricket, athletics, hockey, karate and tennis but he didn’t make it to a professional level.

Ben was essential for Chelsea FC’s foundation until the age of 15, while he took part in olympic style sports occasions like 100 meter and 200 meter occasions.

Addressing the Monday Mile, Alldis uncovered a discussion with his dad when he acknowledged a pro athletics vocation was probably not going to turn into a reality.

“I was 100% one of those kids who had a dream to be a professional footballer or run track and field. My dad and I had a chat when I was 15 and he was like, ‘you’re probably not going to make it pro so just do what you love, play the sports that you love and build skills and relationships’.”

Life Before Peloton

Alldis studied Economics at Leeds University as he looked to follow his father’s example by joining the world of finance. He spent a year in Paris and Shanghai as he completed a course in International Business degree alongside his Economics degree.

It wasn’t long before Ben landed a job at a prestigious American firm in London working as a Private Equity Investment Analyst. His job quickly became his life and he stopped working out during a demanding first year in the finance industry.

But Alldis soon got the urge to return to fitness and began to teach classes as a part-time job as he balanced life in finance and fitness.

In a Q&A on Reddit in 2021, Alldis went on to further explain his transition from finance to fitness, following in the footsteps of his Peloton colleagues Matt Wilpers and Olivia Amato.

“I’ve always been into fitness and played different team sports to a high level from an early age, including football, athletics, cricket and rugby.

“Before joining Peloton I was working in the City as a Private Equity Investment Analyst but, my passion for fitness remained strong and so I was a PT and was teaching classes at a boutique studio in my very limited spare time.

“On a busy week, I would be teaching two classes 3 days a week before work and then head straight to the office, as well as teach classes across weekends.”

Peloton instructor Cody Rigsby attended one of Ben’s classes in London and urged Alldis to audition to become an instructor at the online-based fitness company.

Speaking in the same Q&A on social media website, Ben revealed how the opportunity to join Peloton arose:

“It all started when Cody reached out to me on instagram to discuss a potential opportunity at Peloton. Funnily enough I didn’t actually see his original message, but he was persistent and decided to turn up to one of my classes while I was teaching at a boutique studio in London to see me in person.

“After class he stopped me and asked me if I would go for a coffee with him. Given I had never met this guy, I wasn’t too sure, but we went to the coffee shop and during the meeting, he told me he had an opportunity that would ‘change my life’. At the time, I had no idea that this would actually become a reality.

“The interview process was a 6 month process for me. Lots of interviews and auditions flying back and forth to NYC. But well worth the wait. I love working at Peloton and quite literally have the best job in the world as an instructor at Peloton.”

Ben spent two months in the summer of 2018 in New York City with his future fiancée Leanne as the pair of British instructor learned the ropes and trained to become Peloton instructors. They began teaching classes in November 2018.

Cancer Battle

1 : Ben was diagnosed with skin cancer in 2018 before the English fitness instructor joined the Peloton team .

2 :He spoke about his cancer battle on Instagram in February 2023

3 : “Health is Wealth; Assuming you’ve at any point had any kind of injury or sickness, you’ll realize exactly the way that incapacitating it tends to be. Back in 2018 I was determined to have skin malignant growth and the treatment that I got to help me through it implied I needed to enjoy some time off on working out. Working out had forever been my delivery both actually and intellectually and not having the option to move my body hit me hard.”

4 :On 27 January 2023, Ben revealed on his Instagram page that his fiancée Leanne has been battling breast cancer.

What The Peloton Community Has To Say About Ben Aldis

A Reddit client made sense of why Ben is his #1 educator:

“Best educator for me. Centers around the subtleties. Empowering while at the same time preparing you for the following toil. Fabricates your work and beats you up. Individual Dominates are stacking up with every week.

“I find his classes troublesome, however simple to fend pounding off and keep up. He is testing and empowering. Focused. Took me some time to find an educator I felt coordinated up well with. Happy I continued to look. I did his 80’s music style as well. Much obliged Ben.”

Ben’s standing as one of Peloton’s best educators was featured by this Reddit client:

“His classes are definitely not a winning big or losing big; they’re all genuine incredible! I can simply line up quite possibly of his latest ride, and bam, phenomenal exercise finished 30 after 45 minutes with me doused in sweat and feeling so glad and achieved!”

Ben Alldis Salary And Net Worth

The Networth is each peloton educator is as yet a secret, and hence nobody can precisely specify the compensation of any peloton relative. Nonetheless, the assessed total assets of Ben Alldis is about $5 million.

What is Ben Alldis Quotes ?

Work had in silence and let progress be your noise.

What is Ben Alldis Networth ?

The Networth is each peloton educator is as yet a secret, and hence nobody can precisely specify the compensation of any peloton relative. Nonetheless, the assessed total assets of Ben Alldis is about $5 million.

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