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What is artificial intelligence?

A short form of artificial AI architecture is a broad branch of computer science (AI) simultaneously with intelligent construction equipment capable of performing tasks that require human intelligence

What is artificial intelligence?,advantages of artificial intelligence,disadvantages of artificial intelligence.
What is artificial intelligence?


There are Three Types of AI:

1: Small artificial intelligence (ANI).

2: Artificial General Intelligence(AGI).

3: Artificial super intelligence(ASI).

What are the four types of artificial intelligence?

1: reactive memory

2 : limited memory

3 : The Mentol vision

4 : Self-awareness

What are the examples of artificial intelligence ?

1 : Siri, Alexa and other clever helper

2 : Self-driving cars

3 : spirit conselor

4 : Google assistant

5 : social media monetering

6 : Netflix recommendation

Advantages of artificial intelligence:

1 : available 24×7 

2 : Take risk instead of people

3 : quick decision

4 : reduced human error

5 : enables the execution to date of complex tasks at no significant cost.

6 :  AI develops human capabilities with different powers

Best artificial intelligence courses

1: AI courses for everyone by coursa.

2 : Introduction to Artificial Intelligence Via Python by EDX.

3 : AI application with waston by EDX.

4 : artificial intelligence(AI) A toZ

5 : IBM has introduced AI certification course via coursera

6 : artificial intelligence certification program by standard for university


Artificial Intelligence courses  in India

1 : UG and integrated master program in statics and data science ,iit kanpur

2 : 12 weeks AI courses iit madaras

3 : Btech in AI ,NIT,surathkal 

4 : Mtech in AI and data science ,IIT roorkee

5 :Collaboration on AI for Social Welfare, IIT Madras

artificial intelligenece coures and colleges all information

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